Homeowners got a step closer when it comes to estimating their home’s value.

In fact, they are now only 1% off from appraised values. Quicken Loans’ chief economist expressed his hope that with this information the only surprises this holiday season are the ones wrapped under the tree.


Homeowners nearly hit the mark on estimating home prices

Though this year had its ups and downs, the overall trend showed an increasing home price, according to Quicken’s National Home Value Index. “Home values pushed higher throughout 2016, largely driven by lack of supply in the hottest markets,” Walters said. “It’s yet to be seen if these increases will continue or… Read more at HousingWire

Several residents in Clarence Avenue South are cooling to plans to build a firehall across the street from their homes as they are worried that it will reduce their property valuation, creating a lot of traffic congestion and noise problems in the area.


Residents worried relocation of firehall will chill home values

Dustin Briere, whose family owns a house across from the Clarence site, said he’s concerned it will create problems for his family as traffic congestion is already a problem in the area. It’s one he’s worried will worsen with the addition of firehall traffic and restrictions. “We’re used to the traffic volumes and busses — the stuff that shakes the mirrors and all that — but now we’re going to… Read more at TheStarPhoenix.com