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We Love LA. We are Passionate About What We Do. We Love Getting to Know Our Clients.

Diditan Financial Mortgage Los Angeles

We love what we do, and our energy and passion is evident when you get to know us; Diditan Financial is a home loan provider offering the lowest mortgage Los Angeles rates throughout every neighborhood in the City of Angels. Providing home loans is not just our job; our lenders seize every day as an opportunity to help make our community members strong and financially stable by finding them the lowest mortgage rates on Los Angeles homes.

Want to know how we do it? First, Diditan Financial is not a bank or a credit union. We are a mortgage brokerage firm working with lenders, investors, builders and realtors all at the same table. This means we stray far from the maddening world of bank loans and instead offer a custom tailored mortgage Los Angeles offer to meet each client’s needs while leveraging their portfolio to garner the lowest rates. While big banks and credit unions have an industry standard that keeps their rates competitive so they can profit, private lending institutes like Diditan Financial offer lower rates and use our network of resources to get our clients the low rates big banking won’t touch.

Our clients get the lowest rates on traditional 30 year fixed mortgages, construction loans, hard money loans, FHA, Jumbo loans, investment opportunities and adjustable rate mortgages. We also provide the best refinancing options on the market. Diditan Financial has built a solid reputation on staffing our team with experienced lending professionals who have based their careers around solid ethics, local expertise, and passion.

Time to Recap on Diditan Financial VS Big Banking

Big Banks = Big Rates – They Want to Charge You a Competitive Rate Set by the Industry to Ensure Their Profit. You Pay More Unaware of Other Lending Options.

More Resources to Lower Your Rate – Our lenders, financiers, and realtors work together with resources banks and credit unions don’t use.

Our Profitability has Nothing to do with your Rate – We Fight to Get You the Lowest Mortgage Rate; You Will be Over the Moon, and We Will Get Your Referral. Our True Team Mentality is a Win / Win.


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Low Rate Mortgages in Los Angeles

We set our own guidelines when working to get clients the lowest mortgage Los Angeles rates. We have helped customers with perfect credit, bad credit, and no credit secure their dream home. Diditan Financial stands heads above the rest when it comes to helping clients get the lowest mortgages in Los Angeles; we have a large team of realtors who specialize in specific neighborhood markets. Think abut it this way: a first time home buyer with a limited credit history seeking a mortgage on a mid0century modern ranch in Sherman Oaks is night and day from a veteran property investor seeking a mortgage on a family home in Malibu. Low mortgage Los Angeles rates are at Diditan.We carefully screen our lending professionals, realtors, and financial experts based on their advanced knowledge and insights into home loans in precise neighborhoods, their tenacity, and their passion to help people get more home for their money. We also recruited our team members from some of the top institutes in LA for their ability to find mortgage discounts, home buying grants, and a number of other benefits that reduce your rate down to a “too-good-to-be-true” figure.

You deserve the best home loan at the lowest mortgage Los Angeles rates for your neighborhood, closed on time, with outstanding communication from an honest team of home loan experts who love helping investors and families. You also deserve as many options as possible, and a clear-cut logical explanation for which one will best meet your needs. Give us a call, let us get to know you, and together we will help you start a new and amazing chapter to home ownership, whether it is your first property, or your tenth!

Loan Programs for All Mortgage Los Angeles Customers

When house hunting you look at more than just one property; the average buyer views five homes before putting in an offer, so doesn’t it make sense you have a variety of mortgage Los Angeles options to choose from? There are a number of loan programs, and we want you to be aware of what they are, how they work, and together we can determine which one if your ideal home loan.

For example, LA is one of the hottest markets for flip properties. In order to secure a mortgage on a Los Angeles fixer home, buyers usually need upfront cash to flip the property. Experienced flippers will know what they can get for the property once it has been upgraded; they just need the funds to complete the work and move the inventory quickly. For this buyer a hard money loan is ideal because the cash takes between 24 to 48 hours to come ¬†through, whereas a regular home loan can take 4 to 6 weeks. In the event a buyer is getting a fixer that he plans to live in, he could consider an adjustable rate mortgage. This loan type allows buyers to make interest only payments with a balloon payment at the end. If money is tight and the buyer has funds tied up, an ARM can be a great mortgage option. Now let’s consider specific regions. Did you know you can get a credit of several thousand dollars to perform upgrades to your home if you fall into the right criteria? If you buy a home registered as a historic property, move to an area where the noise level is higher (like near the airport), or if you are a veteran of the armed services, you could get up to $20K to replace your windows, put in a new floor, or add central air conditioning. Our mortgage Los Angeles experts have even found allowances for buyers based on the industry they work in. Even your income level have provide a loophole to get a lower rate on your home loan.

Our Heads aren't in the Clouds; Diditan Offers the Lowest Mortgage Rates in La La Land

Refinance Mortgage Rates in Los Angeles

We don’t just love helping Angelinos get the lowest rates on their new home loans; we take great price in helping people stay in their homes by offering the best refinance mortgage rates in Los Angeles. There are a number of products that come with a refinance, and our lenders are experts at putting together the right refinance package to meet your needs and keep you in your home with an affordable house payments. Our red carpet treatment offers customers fast transactions, customized lending options on a refinance, and a reputable family-owned name in Los Angeles that has spent over a decade building trust, establishing integrity, and saving homes in this city we all love. We will safeguard your reputation, give you that extra level of security, and fortify your home ownership by ensuring you get the absolute best refinance mortgage rates in the county. We didn’t just make a sash and sling it over our chests; our mortgage refinance officers have worked hard to establish an expert community-based level of care from an in-house home loan and refinance company that builds solid relationships with every client who gives us a call.

Buying a Home for Sale in Los Angeles

Getting pre-qualified to buy a home for sale in Los Angeles is the first step before you actually head out and look for the right property. Because the inventory moves so quickly, buyers will often lose out on the home because they were waiting to get the financing all lined up. Once you have been pre-approved, you can act fast and put in an offer before someone has a chance to beat you to it, or outbid you. When you get pre-qualified through Diditan Financial, we don’t just give you your limit and wish you luck; our lenders and realtors are here to educate you through every step of the process, provide answers to all your questions, and even help you determine if now is the right time for you to take out a home loan. Some of the areas we help clients navigate through include:

  • Renting vs buying
  • Buying an investment property
  • Buying your first home
  • Purchasing a second home
  • Down payment options
  • The right amount to borrow and spend

Today’s mortgage rates are low, and this means Diditan Financial can get that number even lower. Are you ready to buy your home? Are you having second thoughts? Do mortgage Los Angeles options have you feeling a bit intimidated? We are here to lend our expertise and help you make sense of the bigger picture. Call us today, and let’s see how your future of homeownership looks!

Our Goal is to Keep Your Family in Your Home

But Sometimes a Short Sale is the Only Way Out. Diditan Financial Will Get You the Most Money, and Give Your Family a Bright Future Worth Smiling About Through a Fast-Track Plan to Get You Back in a Home Again.

Is a Short Sale a Foreclosure?

A short sale is not a foreclosure; it is a pre-foreclosure sale in which you sell your home for less than the remaining balance on your mortgage. With foreclosures, you get no money from your home. If you let Diditan Financial negotiate the short sale of your property, we can get you the maximum return possible. Nobody wants to enter a short sale; they are stressful, can be heart-breaking, and pose many uncertainties. This is one of the areas of our customer care where clients have expressed the most gratitude. We care about everyone we work with, and we know how emotionally draining short sales can be. That’s why we are by your side through every step of the process, and we even create a roadmap to get you back to a position where you can own a home again with an average wait time of three years. A short sale can actually save you from financial ruin and from destroying your credit. We know just how to push them through to get you back on top as quickly as possible, as opposed to the seven year wait you would have to endure if you were foreclosed on. We will pull out all the stops to do a refinance before talking about a foreclosure, but if it is your only option, know you are in the best caring hands.

The Best Mortgage Los Angeles Rates are Here at Diditan Financial

Trying to find the lowest mortgage Los Angeles rates requires one to have an advanced understanding of their credit score, the various programs, county and state credits, and a number of other factors that can significantly lower your mortgage rate. Diditan Financial offers low rates on mortgage Los Angeles home loans.Diditan Financial has already done the leg work; our mortgage brokers and realtors collaborate to bring a wealth of knowledge to our customers making us the best go-to source for the lowest mortgage rates in LA. Diditan Financial is also the number one provider in customer care when it comes to home loans because we invest our name in your future. Our mortgage brokers, realtors, and finance experts will work together to study your portfolio so we can help you easily enter a mortgage that you can afford now, and down the road in time. Our success relies on our customer’s prosperity as property owners. We also have a team of the best investment consultants in Los Angeles, so if you are interested in taking out a loan on a multi unit, or you wish to buy or build a home as an investment, we can guide you through every step of the process to help you secure the best deal possible.

Finding the best mortgage Los Angeles company is as important as finding the right house for sale. Why leave your investment and family home in the fate of a bank or home loan provider that simply wants to turn a profit with no accountability for the issuing bad loans? Diditan Financial educates customers on how to avoid a bad home loan, and our mortgage brokers in Los Angeles will only recommend sustainable, good home loans with the lowest rates to our customers. Each mortgage, refinance, or investment proposal we write is done with the love of community growth carried proudly by the Diditan Financial signature. Give us a call today, and discover how our customer-centric company culture and dedication to Los Angeles home buyers will change the way you view mortgages, real estate investments, and house hunting.