Purchasing your first home is hardly simple for anyone, but exploring and learning the whole process can be particularly very challenging for young and single home buyers, who only have their sole income to rely on to pay all the expenses.


Single Homebuyer: You Can Be Young, Free, And A Homeowner

Buy a home on your own when you’re a widow or widower, or are divorced or separated, and nobody raises an eyebrow. But choose to be a single homebuyer when you’re young and unencumbered, and you’re an object of curiosity. Not in a bad way, you understand. It’s just your friends are likely to see you differently — as if you’d announced you don’t own a smart phone. Others will admire and… Read more at The Mortgage Reports

Fewer young singles are purchasing homes, thanks to compressed finances and tougher lending standards. Before you go ahead and take the plunge in buying a home, be smart and consider whether you’ll be able to handle the bills and expenses on your own.

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Becoming a Homeowner At a Young Age

Is it possible to own a home right out of college? Well, it depends on your situation. It is true that a single young person will have a much harder time owning a home than a young couple with two incomes, but do not be discouraged by that. Homeownership is the American dream, and I think that everyone should be working towards owning a piece of property, or mayb even two, three, or ten pieces of property. The fact is that real estate is a… Read more at Money Crashers